These Christmas Mason jar crafts are creative, clever, and cost-effective!

holding jar of christmas stove top potpourri

Mason jars to the Christmas rescue!

With the holiday season among us, there are so many gift ideas to consider. After rounding up a few of our best Mason jar crafts, we couldn’t think of a more thoughtful way to show someone how much you appreciate them.

Not to mention, they’re so stinkin’ cute, and pretty much anyone can put together these gifts. So sit back at your workstation, get some hot chocolate, turn on some Christmas music, and get to DIY-ing!

Here are our favorite mason jar crafts for Christmas!

1. Giving a gift card? Put it in a DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe!

easy snow globe mason jar gift idea

Gift cards are one of the most convenient gifts to let someone know you’re thinking about them, but instead of giving a gift card by itself, why not go the extra mile and create a DIY Mason jar snow globe?!

placing ornaments inside mason jar snow globe

A wide-mouth Mason jar will work best with a project like this. Head to your local Target and check out their Bullseye Playground section as they have tons of little trees, faux snow, and more! Even Dollar Tree will have great options, too. Stick a mini ornament in there, and you’ve got yourself a DIY snow globe!

2. Want to gift something sweet? Bake this Banana Bread In a Jar!

banana bread in a jar

Nothing beats receiving a baked good on Christmas, so if you love to bake, you have to try giving out some banana bread in a jar this holiday season! Since you’ll be baking these delicious treats directly in the oven, Lina used these quality 8-ounce jam jars as they need to be sturdy enough to handle the heat.

jar of banana bread as a gift

Finish off this treat by decorating jars to fit your liking, which happens to be my favorite part of all these ideas! 🤩

3. Know someone in need of some me-time? Give a mani in a jar!

manicure mason jar gift idea

Give the gift of self-care by putting together this stunning manicure in a jar! Although we mentioned this as a Mother’s Day gift, it’s perfect for any occasion.

Pick some gorgeous colors, press on nails, a nail filer, hand cream, and tools to remove the polish, and now you’re giving the gift of beautiful nails!

4. Does someone on your list love apples? Gift something fresh with this Crockpot Apple Butter!

apple butter on toast sitting on a plate

Using the slow cooker, we have the most delicious apple butter recipe around. 😍 You can use this spread on your toast, pancakes… pretty much anything!

apple butter in slow cooker

All you have to do is chop up some apples, mix in some spices, and let the slow cooker take care of the rest. Add some apple butter into a few small jelly Mason jars, and now you have one delicious gift that can’t be beaten.

5. Gift the scent of Christmas with these Potpourri Christmas Jar Gifts!

DIY potpourri mason jar gift idea

There are so many different methods of getting that homey Christmas scent we all long for each holiday season, but we’re biased toward these Potpourri Christmas Mason Jar Gifts.

adding cloves to jar of potpourri

Simply gather a few ingredients including orange, rosemary, cinnamon, clove, and star anise, place them in a mason jar, and attach our FREE printable gift tags that include directions on how to heat up the potpourri on a stovetop. Your recipient will love filling their home with that sought-after Christmas scent we all long for.

And the giving doesn’t stop there — more gift ideas this way!

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