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Everyone needs this $6 teeth whitener on Amazon!

Today, November 28th only, zip on over to Amazon where you can scoop up this Olivie Smile Activated Charcoal Powder for just $6.99 after you clip the digital coupon available! 🔥

If you’ve been on the hunt for a natural toothpaste alternative, this one is at a great price! Made from desert olive trees, this organic charcoal powder is chemical and fluoride-free, plus, it is USDA certified and made without pesticides during production. It is also a carbon-neutral product so it’s good for the environment too, how awesome is that?

Just a little bit of this toothpaste powder goes a long way to clean tooth stains and polish your smile. Plus, its absorbent qualities help it to reduce bad breath and other impurities for an overall cleaner mouth.

Smile! The deal is here…

charcoal powder in box

Hip Sidekick, Melissa approves of this powder! Here’s what she had to say…

This activated charcoal is a great teeth-whitening product. I’ve read that there are great results with continued use. You only need to dip your toothbrush in the charcoal and then brush. This did not leave a gross aftertaste. I’m excited to see my results the longer I use it.

woman brushing with chacoal powder

And other reviewers have already started seeing results…

I was very skeptical and decided to give it a go. It’s not harsh as I would expect. It is very gritty but man it works. After only 3 treatments id say at least a shade whiter. I’m excited to report back after it’s completely used. After looking up some dentist recommendations they say only 3 times a week. Im sold especially after being so skeptical.

I’ve tried the best-selling whitening strips. My teeth and gums throbbed for hours afterward, and my teeth didn’t get much whiter. Then,  I used this activated charcoal powder for the first time, and I already noticed a difference. My teeth looked brighter and cleaner. And I had no ill effects from using the powder. I’m perfectly happy with the healthy-looking natural white I can achieve with this organic charcoal powder. 

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