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DogTV… A paws-itively great idea!

Dog owners! DogTV has launched a fun and highly rated 24/7 streaming channel, and they’re offering YOU a free 3-day trial of their shows! Plus, for a limited time, you can also score 2 months of DogTV for FREE when you use promo code BLACKFRIDAY2022 at checkout!

DogTV has dog-friendly shows your pups will love! Created as a way to comfort and entertain your dog, Dog TV is especially pawesome when your dog is home alone. DogTV is a 24/7 channel with programs scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs.

Yes, apparently dogs like watching TV, too! 🐕

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After the trial ends, your card will be charged $6.69 for the first month and the regular price of $9.99 for each month after.

There is no contract and you can cancel anytime. Your credit card will not be charged if you cancel in the account settings before your trial ends.

“Best $10 a month I’ll ever spend. Woody is obsessed with DogTV. My lunch used to be watching reruns – but now I can’t bring myself to turn the channel because he’s so interested in it.” – Kimberly & Woody

I have two dogs. My 9-year-old beagle doesn’t watch it much but I adopted a puppy last November (she’s 1 as of May) and she loves DogTV. She stares at the TV for minutes at a time, and sometimes cries at it.

In addition to the live part they have a few on-demand stuff and for a while every night at 9 she would bark a few times at us until we put on one of the sleep time videos so she could fall asleep to it.

If I ask her if she wants to watch DogTV she jumps on the couch and stares at the TV. She even seems to know what the app looks like because a few times I’ve had it mess up and had to kill the app on my Apple TV. She barked at me when it went back to the home screen. 😂

-Hip2Save reader, Chris

When I 1st heard about DogTV, I thought it was a dumb idea for a channel.

Let’s just say after my free trial last summer, I am subscriber. My little dog Sunny just loves it! He was my Mom’s and he watched TV with her. My other dog Kaci at times will look at it.

If you have a dog that pays attention to the TV, try it. They go thru various types of programming on their “live feed”. Stimulation, Relaxation, and Exposure I think it’s called. So not dogs playing 24/7.
Sunny recommends a free trial for sure! -Hip2Save reader, tracyann

Here’s how to snag this deal:

  1. Sign up on
  2. Use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY2022 if it’s not already showing in the promo code box
  3. Enter your payment information*
  4. Download the DOGTV app on your favorite streaming device
  5. Sign in with your email & password
  6. Leave it on while your dog is home alone or even watch TV with your dog!

*Note that a $1 authorization hold will be placed on the credit card you use to sign up but it will not be processed as a payment.

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DogTV has special content that was created to meet a dog’s sense of vision and hearing and to support their natural behavior patterns. Watching programs on DogTV will encourage a confident and happy dog that is less likely to develop stress, separation anxiety, or other related problems.

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