Score a FREE full-size sample and P&G coupons all while giving back to worthy causes with P&G Good Everyday!

Pepto Herbal blends

Sign up for P&G Good Everyday to score a FREE full-size sample, P&G coupons, plus earn rewards, and be part of a bigger giving back initiative! ❤️

First up, while supplies last, you can score a FREE full-size Pepto Herbal Blends 14-count package, 25 rewards points, AND an automatic donation! 🌎 How cool is that?!

If you love making a difference in the world, but struggle to find the time to donate, you’re going to love the new P&G Good Everyday rewards program! They’ll make an automatic donation today to a cause of your choice just by signing up. Not only that, but you’ll also have access to P&G coupons and tons of ways to earn rewards, which can be redeemed for samples, gift cards, experiences, and giving back opportunities!

finger pointing to P&G signup (1) on screen

How do I sign up for P&G Good Everyday?

  • Head to
  • Click “Signup” at the top of the page
  • Enter your first name, email address, and create a password.
  • Select a cause that matters most to you. It will automatically default to the “It’s Our Home” cause, but there are tons to choose from if there’s something closer to your heart.
  • Complete your profile to earn 25 bonus points.
  • Complete tasks to earn your bonus rewards, including taking a survey, uploading a receipt with a P&G product purchase, and referring a friend.
  • Once completed, you’ll immediately have 100 points and another 50 once your receipt is verified in just a matter of minutes!

The P&G Good Everyday rewards program helps you turn your everyday actions into rewards for you and your family, as well as the world. Redeem these points on experiences, sweepstakes entries, gift cards, and more, or make an even larger donation to the support of your choice!

Pepto Herbal blends products

Here are a few of the AWESOME rewards you can earn!

  • Full-Size Sample of Pepto Herbal Blends – FREE upon sign-up (while supplies last)
  • P&G Prize Pack sweepstakes ($150 value) – complete all 5 signup tasks: sign up, complete your profile, choose a cause, take a quiz, and scan your first receipt! You will then automatically receive 5 entries to win a $150 Prize Pack sweepstakes- so easy! Includes: sustainable self-care and laundry products like Tide, Gain, Cascade, and more
  • P&G Baby Care Bundle sweepstakes ($150 value) – redeem 50 points for 1 entry. Includes: Pampers and Luvs diapers, wipes, and more baby care essentials.
  • Earth Month Prize Pack sweepstakes ($200 value) – redeem 25 points for 1 entry. Includes: Tide Free, Herbal Essence Bio Renew, Quiet & Roar, and more earth-loving brands.
  • Provide 10 meals for people in need – redeem 100 points
  • Donate dish soap for the first baths of 3 oil-covered birds – redeem 100 points
  • P&G coupons galore! 😍 – totally FREE! Printable coupons cost 0 points to reserve/ redeem, but they are exclusive to P&G Goods Everyday rewards members only! You won’t be able to ‘add to basket’ until you log in, so get in on the savings.

woman and daughter looking at laptop

I’m one who always wants to make care packages, volunteer at community centers, and donate as much as I can, but there’s just no time to do ALL the things!

Thankfully, this awesome rewards program took me no time at all to sign up and I’ve already helped provide 2 days’ worth of clean, drinking water to children around the world — you guys, I didn’t even leave home or spend a dime!

receipt next to laptop and P&G products

No matter which action you take on P&G Good Everyday, P&G will donate to your favorite cause, so you can do good for the world while earning rewards for yourself!

It’s true! Take a look at this awesome point-donation chart:

  • 1 Sign up = 25 points for you + 1 donation
  • 1 Receipt = 50 points for every P&G product purchased + 1 donation
  • 1 Survey (2-4 questions) = 25 points for you + 1 donation

Note: There is a limit of up to five P&G products per receipt (up to 250 points total for one receipt) and you may submit a maximum of 5 receipts per week – that’s a whopping 1,000 points per week! 😱

P&G signup on laptop

Trust me, this rewards program truly couldn’t be any easier!

Do I sound like a broken record yet? I’ve never joined a rewards program that makes it this easy to earn points so you can turn those points into rewards and even better, donations!

The surveys and quizzes are SO simple and dare I say, kinda fun? 😆 If you have a minute to scroll social media, you have a minute to fill out one of these quick surveys and quizzes (no studying required, friends!). Score an easy 10 points when you: test your kindness, find out how often you practice sustainability, see how much you know about wildlife preservation, and more!

AND – don’t forget, once you reach 25 points in surveys & quizzes, P&G makes an automatic donation! ❤️🌎

laptop near laundry basket

And speaking of easy, which AMAZING cause will you choose to automatically donate to?

Choose one when you sign up for P&G Good Everyday rewards and feel free to change your cause at any time:

  • Closing the Smile Gap w/ Crest & Oral-B – Help tackle the #1 chronic disease in American tooth decay
  • Loads of Hope w/ Tide – Help provide detergent for a day of clean clothes to people in need.
  • P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water – Join P&G to provide clean water to communities in need, 19 billion liers & counting!
  • COVID-19: P&G Feeding America – Provide meals to families in need, especially those impacted by the pandemic.
  • Planet KIND by Gilette + Plastc Bank – Prevent plastic bottles and more harmful materials from entering the oceans.

…And so many more ways to give back!

woman holding laptop showing P&GGoodEveryday site with surveys, P&G coupons, and more

My final ✌🏼🪙:

I love that this rewards program is so flexible. I don’t have to change where I shop or look for specific items and I can earn points or search for P&G coupons on ANY P&G product I was already planning on buying.

Plus, I can upload the receipt and earn rewards after the fact! Other reward systems where I have to remember to save the offer before shopping just don’t work for me! 🤪

On top of that, scanning receipts was SO EASY. I could not believe it asked me a mere two questions about the brand + my store, the date, and that’s it. I snapped the photo and was DONE – I estimate 15 seconds total!

doing laundry with tide

Let’s do more together. Sign up for P&G Good Everyday rewards now and start using P&G coupons, earning rewards, and giving back instantly! 🌎❤️

Earn 25 points, a donation to a cause of your choice, a FREE full-size sample of Pepto Herbal Blends, and TONS more savings!

We’ll text the hottest P&G deals & much more straight to your phone!

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