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What is Pepsi Nitro?

This NEW Pepsi cola was announced recently and is anticipated to be unlike any other beverage they’ve ever released before. After teasing this idea since 2019, Pepsi will finally begin the nationwide rollout of Nitro Pepsi, its first-ever nitrogen-infused cola!

Each can of Nitro Pepsi will come with a unique widget placed in the bottom to create a smooth, creamy texture. This is the same technology used to give select beer and coffee products their froth. Nitro Pepsi will be the first cola product to use this type of in-can technology.

Because it’s infused with nitrogen, you can expect Nitro Pepsi to be “softer” than most soft drinks. The nitrogen results in a gentle cascade of tiny bubbles, resulting in a creamy, smooth texture topped off with a frothy foam head.

While this unique soda can be enjoyed straight from the can, it comes with a few recommendations for maximum enjoyment:

  • Serve it cold, ideally without ice.
  • It’s best “hard poured” or fully inverted into a tall glass. Check out this video to see the perfect pour.
  • Sip it directly from the glass (rather than using a straw), to get a frothy mustache going!

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