Straighten your teeth without ever visiting an office thanks to Byte aligners!

Time to restore your smile with Byte! 🦷

Short on time? Skip the dentist and orthodontist when you straighten your smile with Byte invisible aligners! They’re cheap, easy, and a huge time-saver on your busy schedule, plus they even have options to straighten your teeth while you sleep!🤯 It doesn’t get any easier than that, folks!

Byte aligners impression kit $95.00
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Final cost just $14.95 shipped for the impression kit + $100 off your invisible aligners AND a free BrightByte Pro LED teeth whitener!

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woman holding Byte invisible aligner impression kit

Here’s how to get started with Byte:

Choose whether you want the All-Day plan or the At-Night plan. The All-Day plan requires 22 hours of wear and the average treatment time is 4 months. The plan costs $1999 (or $70/month) total. The At-Night plan only requires 10 hours of continuous wear, but it takes 5-6 months to get results. It’s also a little more expensive ringing up at $2399 (or $84/month).

Use our exclusive link to score $100 off your aligners. Both the day and night plans include their BrightByte whitening treatment, HyperByte device, and aligner.

Send in your impression kit. Once you receive and complete your impression kit, send it back to Byte, and you’ll get your aligners in the mail in about 4-6 weeks. 🙌

person wearing gloves and mixing Byte impression putty

Feeling a little unsure about the at-home process?

Making the impressions is really simple!

First, pop on the included pair of gloves and set an empty impression tray in your mouth to make sure it fits. When you’re sure it sits comfortably, quickly mix the dark and light impression putty together. Once they’ve become a solid pink color, roll the mixture into a 4″ log and press it into the impression trays.

Then, hold the impression tray in your mouth for about three and a half minutes. Repeat three times so you have two impressions each of your top and bottom rows of teeth. Then you just have to return the impression trays to their box & send your kit out to Byte! 🙌

holding up teeth impression tray with putty inside

Surprisingly, the putty didn’t have any taste at all and was super easy to bite into! However, the key is getting everything mixed and set quickly before the putty begins to harden.

And you don’t even have to use the smile stretcher–– although you may not want to pass up this silly opportunity. 😆

Wondering if Byte’s invisible aligners are a good fit for you?

Byte impression kit on table

You may want to try out Byte aligners if:

  • You need minor work done. Byte says on their site that their aligners are “designed to work for minor to moderate alignment issues, including correcting spacing, crowding between teeth, and rotation.” Luckily, if you send in your impression kit and they don’t think their service is a good fit, they’ll let you know and refund the cost of your kit. 🙌
  • You’re looking for an effective low-cost option. Byte’s at-home dentistry services are an absolute steal compared to many in-office operations. Even when you choose Byte’s monthly installment plans (which do end up being more expensive than the one-time payment in the long run due to interest), you’re still potentially saving thousands of dollars.
  • You don’t have insurance. Dental work can be expensive even with insurance, but without it, it’s totally unaffordable for a lot of folks. Byte is an awesome way to get dental help without spending a ton of out-of-pocket cash.
  • You don’t mind getting help online. If you hate going to the dentist or orthodontist, you’ll be relieved to know you can do everything from the comfort of your home!
  • Byte also offers support every day of the week in case you have any questions about the process! They have a team of medical professionals ready to help you whenever you need it, so you’ll get plenty of help even without the in-office visits. 🙌

 As with any form of dental treatment, it’s best to check with your dentist before making any drastic changes to your smile!

Take a Byte with your first impression kit for just $14.95
+ score $100 off aligners!

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