Rachio Smart Sprinkler

These irrigation products for your home can save you some serious green!

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Note that the sprinkler systems are brand new, however, the packaging you receive may be damaged. The product inside will be unaffected and fully functional.

Show your yard the love it deserves with these user-friendly lawn care items including your choice of expandable hose or their Smart Sprinkler Controller that makes watering effortless after the initial setup.

Hip Tip: In an effort to keep sprinkler controllers out of landfills, Rachio can help you properly dispose of your old one. You can e-mail them to get a free shipping label sent to you.

Check out these Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers…

Rachio Smart Sprinkler

Rachio 3 Sprinkler Timer Wow! Impressive! This is a huge step up from what I had. Sleek, super easy to install and it saves a ton of water saving me a ton of money. Installation only took about fifteen minutes or so and there were no glitches. You just mount the base and land the wires from your old timer.

From that point, you download the app, and you are guided through the wifi connection and setup. At the end, it runs each zone in manual to make sure everything is working. It prompts you for the type of lawn, shade, slope, type of soil, etc., and calculates the schedule for you.

The timer then looks at the weather forecast from numerous sites and adjusts the schedule for you watering only when your lawn needs it. So far it has worked flawlessly. You have the option of adding a sensor but honestly think it would not be needed. The app can detect rain, wind, and temperature to within 25 feet of your location. Absolutely amazing.

You can run or skip schedules from the app and also look at your watering history from anywhere you have internet service. I could have really used this last month. Was gone for six weeks and it rained nearly every day while my old sprinkler timer added water needlessly. Our water here is fairly expensive making the timer a great investment that should pay for itself in about 2 years. A great investment for my lawn.

Rachio Hose

The Rachio expandable hose is the perfect accessory for keeping your lawn and garden looking its best. This lightweight, durable hose comes in black with brass fittings and includes an on/off valve.

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