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In need of a care package for your special day?

The morning of a busy day like a wedding can be incredibly stressful. You find yourself needing things you didn’t even know you needed! Lucky for us, this week’s Happy Friday reader Tracey came extra prepared for her daughter’s wedding day and created a basket full of necessities that came to the rescue!

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My daughter recently got married, and I decided to make a basket full of snacks and supplies to keep in the bridal suite while we were all getting ready. Many of the items came in quite handy: scissors, blister cushions, bandaids, Bacitracin (for relatives skinned from a fall while on their way into the venue), tissues (of course), cream, etc. Many bandaids were used to cushion our feet from our new shoes as well!


My niece will be getting married soon, so I made another basket for her bridal shower. I bought an inexpensive basket set at Tuesday Morning and filled it with many items I got from H2S deals. I had a lot of toothbrush kits that my husband & I receive from our dentist (I save them for traveling but, with Covid, we haven’t been to too many places).


The snacks came from Aldi, the dollar store, and from sales at other stores. I found the sewing kit at Aldi for $1.29; I mainly wanted the scissors as they came in handy for cutting tags off of dresses and snipping loose threads here and there.

The socks were from a large set that I found on Tuesday Morning (10 pairs of BORN socks for $5.99). They were leftovers from my daughter’s basket and were nice to wear before having to put on our “party” shoes!

Whatever is left after the wedding can be added to the bride and groom’s medicine cabinet for future use.

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Tracey, every bride would appreciate a basket like this! You can also easily swap out items that apply to any event you’re preparing for. What a helpful tip!

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