These are the best food storage containers to keep leftovers fresh.

best food storage containers - rubbermaid brilliance

No more wasting food! 🍝🍗🍕

The key to a happy kitchen is proper food storage containers. Nothing ruins a good meal faster than a tomato-stained container or leaking leftovers. In the economy, who has money to burn on letting good food go bad? Not us! That’s why our team pulled together a list of the best food storage containers for you to try.

From Rubbermaid to OXO, these containers seal tight and keep food fresh. Whether you’re meal prepping or wanting to save leftovers, these containers won’t let you down!

These are our team’s favorite food storage containers:

Rubbermaid Brilliance Best Food Containers - Glass

When I asked the team for their recommendations, Melinda, Angela, and Stacy immediately responded that their #1 pick for the best food storage containers was Rubbermaid Brilliance. This company was previously known for making affordable Tritan plastic storage sets and recently they introduced a line of glass containers that can go in the oven!

To me, an ideal food storage set provides containers of multiple different sizes and Rubbermaid Brilliance doesn’t disappoint. The glass set above contains a total of 10 different containers in 3 different sizes. The containers, made in the USA, come with a secure latch and air-tight seal. They were expertly designed to make food fresher for longer! Yay!

Here’s what else we love:

  • 100% leak-proof guaranteed
  • Splatter-resistant microwaving with vents under the flaps
  • Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe (with lids unlatched)
  • Glass bases are oven safe up to 450°
  • Includes a full lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee

2. I registered for Pyrex glass storage containers when I got married and I still use my set 8 years later.

Pyrex Food Storage Containers

I prefer to use glass storage containers so I registered for a Pyrex set when I got married. The containers have held up great over the years and I even bought a second set. My family has used them for meal prep and to store and reheat leftovers. I love how this set of 18 comes with 6 different container sizes. I mostly use my set at home, but for traveling purposes, I wish the plastic lids were sturdier and had a similar locking mechanism to the Rubbermaid Brilliance or OXO Good Grips storage containers.

Here’s what else we love about Pyrex:

  • Non-porous surface resists stains and odors
  • Dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven safe
  • Includes a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

3. When it comes to food storage, Sara swears by stasher bags.

woman holding stasher reusable bags

Help the planet by ditching disposable bags and switching to Stasher bags! These snazzy storage bags are completely reusable and are some of the best food storage containers around! They are made of durable, food-grade silicone and include a patented Pinch-Loc seal to keep food fresh. Sara has been using these bags for over 2 years now and can’t say enough good things about her set. Every bag still looks good as new!

Here’s what else we love:

  • Dishwasher safe and simple to dry
  • Easy to shut with an air-tight seal
  • No BPA, BPS, lead, latex, or phthalates
  • Microwave-friendly and oven safe up to 425°
  • 1% of each sale is donated to nonprofits that help the planet

4. This covered baking dish from OXO has simplified my food storage and my cooking. 

best food storage containers - OXO baking dish with s'mores lasagna

OXO products never let me down. I’ve had this OXO baking dish for well over a year. I love it because it comes with a plastic lid that latches on tight to secure a seal. I always recommend this dish because it can withstand extreme temperatures without shattering or breaking. One can cook or reheat food in it, serve out of it, or freeze leftovers for later! It has similar capabilities to the OXO Good Grips storage containers (which I also recommend), except this baking dish can also go in the oven!

Here’s what else we love:

  • The plastic lid is BPA-free and spill-proof
  • Made of thermal-shock resistant borosilicate glass
  • Holds 3 quarts of food
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

We love these genius kitchen organization ideas and you will too!

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