Busy mornings are a breeze thanks to make ahead breakfast recipes.

make ahead breakfast

Want a satisfying breakfast but find yourself rushing out the door almost every morning?

Weekday mornings usually have a tight-knit schedule. As much as you’re craving a delicious and fulfilling breakfast, there usually just isn’t any time. That’s when these make ahead breakfast recipes come into play.

When you’re free, pick a time to prep and cook in bulk, and then store your breakfast for later. This way, even if you’re short on time during the week, you’ll be able to indulge in an already-prepared, top-notch meal that sets up your day for success!

Here are the best make ahead breakfast recipes for even your busiest of mornings:

Breakfast sandwiches with bacon on counter

Who wouldn’t want an Egg McMuffin when short on time? This recipe starts by making the breakfast sandwiches completely ahead of time, individually wrapping to preserve freshness, tossing them in the freezer, and reheating them for an on-the-go convenient breakfast!

sausage and egg breakfast casserole

Breakfast casseroles are another convenient make ahead bulk breakfast the entire household can enjoy. This recipe features egg, sausage, bread, peppers, and lots of yummy cheese.

tray of breakfast burrito pouches

These breakfast pouches are the perfect easy make ahead freezer breakfast! You freeze all burrito fillings after cooking without the tortilla; when you’re ready for a burrito, put the fillings on a plate in the microwave for two minutes and wrap it in a tortilla!

holding a blueberry pancake muffin

If you have a sweet tooth, these pancake muffins are the perfect make ahead breakfast! Your kiddos will love them, too. 😋

Best Ever Overnight Oats Hip2Save.com

This overnight oatmeal recipe is easy, convenient, and flavorful! Dress up your oats with your favorite milk, fruit, and/or toppings, store in the fridge overnight (hence the recipe name 😉), and in the morning it’s ready to enjoy or eat on the go!

healthy pumpkin overnight oats

The only thing better than overnight oats is when they’re pumpkin flavored. 🤤

banana cocoa overnight oats

Okay, okay… so maybe overnight oats can get even better than we thought. This make ahead breakfast recipe brings in chocolate and banana for a sinfully sweet way to start the day!

banana oatmeal cookies

It’s breakfast and dessert all in one! These banana oatmeal breakfast cookies conveniently take just ten minutes to make and only 3 staple ingredients!

making homemade waffles in a waffle iron

Homemade waffles are simple to make and even easier to freeze. Whenever the craving strikes for a fresh and fluffy waffle, just pop one into the toaster and you’re in business!

These gluten-free pancake bites are an easy breakfast idea – after baking in the pan

Similar to pancake muffins, these gluten-free pancake bites are practically heaven but without any wheat products added.

spatula scooping out sheet pan pancakes with chocolate chips

We know pancakes usually come as a stack, but have you ever tried them as a sheet? It’s a simple way to make a big batch and slice them up to feed a hungry crowd. You can even freeze the slices to toast on a busy morning!

holding a frozen smoothie

Homemade smoothies are the best, but you don’t always have the time to prepare one when you’re short on time. This freezing hack for smoothies is the best way to prep ahead and quickly make when in a time crunch.

oatmeal bites served

These oatmeal energy bites are one of our most popular recipes on Hip2Save, and we totally know why! This poppable bite-size treats are addicting!

Iowa girl eats breakfast bowl

Credit: Iowa Girl Eats

Courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats, this delicious breakfast bowl features potatoes, peppers, eggs, and even tortilla chips!

breakfast bars

Credit: All Recipes

Don’t expect any sweet bars in this recipe. Instead, all of the best savory foods are combined together and then cut into bars. They’re then wrapped individually to freeze and reheating in the microwave or toaster oven is a breeze!

my baking addiction banana coffee cake

Credit: Make Ahead Banana Coffee Cake

What goes better with your morning coffee than… coffee cake! This banana bread and coffee cake combo results in one perfectly sweet breakfast!

baked egg ham cheese cups keto breakfast recipe

Running over to our sister site Hip2Keto, we absolutely love these egg, ham, and cheese bites! If you love Starbucks egg bites, you’ll definitely love these.

make ahead breakfast recipe - breakfast sliders

Credit: The Kitchn

If you’re looking to freeze some breakfast sandwiches without committing to a huge portion, these tiny breakfast sliders will be your new best friend!

granola and yogurt popsicles

Credit: Eating Well

Eating granola & yogurt has never been more convenient than now thanks to this clever popsicle hack! We especially love these for hot summer mornings to keep cool.

breakfast tacos

Credit: Bowl of Delicious

Think breakfast sandwich, but swap the bread for a tortilla. Count us IN! 😍 Prep these make ahead breakfast tacos and store in foil until ready to reheat in the morning.

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