Halloween Happy Meal McDonalds

Get ready for a little walk down McDonald’s memory lane!

Just when we thought that the McDonald’s Halloween pails had kicked the bucket for good having not made an appearance since 2016, word on the street is that they will potentially be making a return this year!

Just looking at these collectible pails unlocked a childhood memory as I had completely forgotten all about this beloved Halloween favorite. After doing a little digging, it appears that there are A LOT of people who have been campaigning for McDonald’s to bring them back for several years now!

McDonalds Pumpkins

It may be hard to believe, but McDonald’s has been helping families celebrate Halloween since way back in 1965 when they gave away trick-or-treat bags for kid’s to decorate with the purchase of every Happy Meal.

This later evolved into the much-loved pumpkin pails that all of us 80s kids know and love that were introduced nationally in 1986. If you’re really sharp, you might even remember they had 3 different spooky styles with the names McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin.

While McDonald’s didn’t offer Halloween buckets every year, they did continue to offer them many times over the course of the next 20 years with several different versions and redesigns including the ghost and witch designs you see below.

McDonalds Happy Meal Buckets

Note that there hasn’t been any sort of official confirmation from McDonald’s regarding the 2022 Halloween Happy Meal Buckets, but the reports are promising with a leak of their corporate calendar showing the pails as being set to be available at the fast food restaurants starting October 18th thru October 24th or while supplies last.

Until then, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that the rumors are true and we can introduce a new generation to a little bit of our own childhood nostalgia!

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