Sum Swamp Game components

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Hop on over to Amazon where you can score the Learning Resources Math Adventure Pack for just $15.49 (regularly $29.49)!

This bundle includes both Sum Swamp AND I Sea 10! As a boardgame-loving family with hundreds of games in our collection, I totally think these are two you should add to your closet if you have younger kiddos. Both of these games are amazing math-skill boosters! Your kids will be doing mental math and recognizing even/odd numbers in no time because they are having FUN while learning.

kids playing I sea 10 game

Gameplay for Sum Swamp is simple and fun – roll your dice and then put together addition or subtraction problems to help you get to the end of the path the quickest. With the shortcuts placed around the board, sometimes subtracting will actually get you further than adding.

With I Sea 10, your kids race to flip cards and find number combinations that add to 10. This is such a great skill to hone!

Gift them as a bundle or separate them into multiple gifts! Either way, you’re scoring a great buy as $12 is the lowest we’ve ever seen Sum Swamp go, and you’re getting both games for just over $15! Awesome! 

Sum swamp math game

Check out just a couple of the Sum Swamp reviews… 

We bought this game a couple weeks ago for our 6-year-old son. He HATED math! He couldn’t add or subtract whatsoever; even using fingers was a challenge for him. Fast forward 2 weeks… We’ve played this game AT HIS REQUEST (a miracle) about 5-6 times now & he has improved significantly! Tonight he was doing most of the adding and subtracting in his head, no fingers needed! We highly recommend this game!

I purchased this for my 4-year-old during school closure. At the beginning of quarantine, she couldn’t recognize all of her numbers to ten and I was worried about her. Thanks to this game, now she can do addition within 12 and subtraction within 6, count to 12, and determine greater than or less than within 6. She asks to play every single day. She prefers Polly Pocket people to the included game pieces. I keep 12 candy hearts in the box for her to use as manipulatives. We don’t use the endless loop. My husband was shocked when he saw that our daughter can now do math.

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