person holding powerbank in one hand and phone in the other

Need a charge? We have you covered!

Through September 30th, head over to where they are offering some excellent deals on an Anker Power Bank and USB-C to USB-C Cable when you use the promo codes below.

These charging items are extremely convenient to have with you while you travel so you’ll never be stuck with a dead device again!

Get charged up with these deals…

person putting power bank into purse

Made to last this lightweight portable charger features a 2-in-1 design with a built-in foldable plug that is hidden away whenever you need it so you’re getting the best of both worlds.

It’s ultra-compact and has a long-lasting battery that maintains a max capacity of 90% even after a whopping 20 months! You’ll also get a 2-year warranty so you can make a worry-free purchase.

Anker power bank and cable on side table

hand holding phone connected to power bank plugged into the wall

I have been in the market for a power bank that I can travel with, and so far I’ve been so happy with this Anker 511 Power Bank. This product is so convenient and gives me peace of mind when being away from home for the day or while taking a trip. I love that this serves as a wall charger and a portable charger in one. This power bank charges my iPhone super quickly. I started throwing this in my belt bag and taking it everywhere now. The foldable plug makes it a breeze to slip into my bag. The warranty on this and the money-back guarantee give me peace of mind with this product too! – Hip Sidekick, Melinda

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