decorated pumpkin and paint sticks on table

The family will have a gourd time with a Walmart deal!

Roll over to where you can grab this Crayola Pumpkin Painting Kit with stickers for just $5.93 (regularly $7.33)!

As another option, Amazon has the same kit for $5.93, but shipping is delayed. Additionally, Joann is offering the Crayola Pumpkin Painting Kit for only $5.24, but shipping adds $10.95.

Instead of doing the hard work of carving pumpkins, consider using this decorating kit for a mess-free activity with the kids! It comes with glow-in-the-dark stickers and multiple painting sticks, so the little ones can design their own pumpkin creations.

pumpkin decorating kit

Not sold? Read a few helpful Crayola pumpkin painting kit reviews…

The kids loved using them and it gave me peace of mind that I didn’t have to worry about making a mess with paint!

Great set for smaller kids to easily paint a pumpkin! The stickers are cute and the paint sticks were pretty cool although did get a little more messy than I had hoped originally. We used them on white pumpkins and the colors (even the white) showed up really well! They did take a little while to dry.

This is the best pumpkin kit ever! I got two, one for each child and it kept them occupied for a long time! I will be getting this every year! Clean up is so easy too!

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(Thanks, Passionate Penny Pincher!)

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