Looking for the perfect fragrance? Kohl’s is coming to the rescue with the best body spray for women!

Scentworx fragrances on carpet

Freshen up with a simple spritz. 🌸

While we all love the confidence the perfect fragrance brings, the right one can be challenging to find. You can skip crazy pricey perfumes or limited scent selections by heading to this slightly unexpected store instead… Kohl’s! Their rarely-talked-about Scentworx fine fragrance mist line offers a little something for everyone!

Trust me, if you’re sleeping on Scentworx body mists, it’s time to wake up! There are a bunch of different fragrances, including a few seasonal favorites, too. And don’t let that low price tag fool you — this fragrance line delivers affordable body sprays without jeopardizing the quality of each product.

Kohls scentworx fragrances

Raise a hand if you love clean beauty products. 🙋‍♀️

Scentworx fragrances are certified eco-friendly, meaning they’re sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free. Each scent is infused with essential oils that smell like a dream! I snagged two fragrances: a travel-size Wild Island Orchid and a full-size Rose Water Rain.

Since I travel pretty often, it’s important for me to have a small perfume I can just throw in my bag when I’m on the go, and the 3 oz. size of the travel-friendly bottle is TSA compliant. 👏

woman using scentworx body spray for women from kohls

On to the pros and cons of Scentworx body mist:

I’ll be honest; these scents are very strong. If you use more than one spray, it’s possible it’ll be overpowering to a sensitive nose. But this could also be a good thing, because you know a little goes a long way. Just one spritz provides long-lasting scent to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.

One of my favorite things about this fragrance is how lightweight it feels. I’ve had perfumes that physically feel heavy on my skin, and it’s the most uncomfortable feeling that doesn’t go away until I shower. These scents not only smell natural, but also feel amazing on my skin.

scentworx rosewater rain mist

Rose Water Rain is definitely my favorite! I’m usually drawn to floral scents, and who doesn’t love the fresh smell that comes after a rainfall? This scent includes notes of refreshing rosewater, peony, and peach blossom. Personally, I think this is a super balanced fragrance and I can’t get enough of it.

scentworx wild island orchid travel size body spray for women

If you’re a fan of fruity yet floral scents, Wild Island Orchid is for you! It’s a mix of wild orchids, Indonesian jasmine, Mandarin orange, and red berries. Heavenly, right?! It’s definitely stronger than the rosewater scent I purchased, but it’s a very refreshing fragrance that’s sure to bring on a bunch of compliments.

Note that you cannot use coupons on Scentworx products. However, you can still use and earn Kohl’s Cash and Kohl’s Rewards. Plus we often see them on sale, like right now!

scentworx products at Kohl's

Scentworx goes beyond just fragrance mists.

From their signature candles to bath and body must-haves, Scentworx has a full product line of divinely scented goods that are so worthy of being added to your cart! They just released some new of fall scents that I’m looking to snag on my next Kohl’s trip. 🍂

Since I’ve been absolutely loving my Rose Water Rain fragrance, I’m hoping to grab the same scented body cream next. 😍

spraying body spray on wrist

Need a gift idea? Look no further! 🎁  

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a new signature scent or need to find the perfect gift for your daughter, mom, or any female, now’s the time to scoop up one of these body sprays for women during this sale. These are also great cart filler items when you want to hit that $49 free shipping threshold. It’s a win-win!

I found my dream Scentworx match, so now it’s time for you to find yours. 💕

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