Read on for our deep freezer guide so you can shop with confidence.

girl pulling frozen waffles out of a white deep freezer inside of garage

It’s time to stock up  on frozen foods with a new deep freezer!

We’re sharing the highest-rated & best deep freezers and upright freezers on the market, plus the pros and cons of each. Back when the coronavirus pandemic initially hit, tons of people were after a deep freezer to stock up on frozen goods in case of pending shortages.

Now that stores seem to have plenty of freezers back in stock again, we set out to help you find the best one to suit your home and family. Our team is even sharing which ones we prefer, so let’s get to it!

white chest deep freezer sitting in garage

Our thoughts on chest & deep freezers:


  • Comes with removable hanging baskets or dividers
  • Offer more usable space
  • More energy efficient
  • Less likely to cause freezer burn on food since they don’t self-defrost like uprights
  • Cold temperatures stay consistently lower
  • Keep food colder for longer if the power goes out
  • Quieter than self-defrosting uprights


  • More difficult to organize
  • Harder to retrieve items from the bottom
  • Larger footprint than upright models
  • Manual defrost is the only option that can be time-consuming

white stand up freezer in garage with various types of meat and food

Our thoughts on stand up & upright freezers:


  • Smaller footprint than its equivalent size in the chest freezer.
  • Easier to organize
  • Shelves and bins in the door can often be adjusted
  • Option to use manual or self-defrost
  • Come in different finishes such as slate or stainless steel


  • The door doesn’t stay as cold as the rest of the freezer
  • Noisier than chest freezers
  • Allow more air to circulate around food (i.e. higher odds of freezer burn)
  • Shelves & bins take up more space (up to 20%) than in chest freezers allowing for less food storage
  • Easy to leave open by accident (not as kid-friendly)

upright freezer with door open

  1. Most Spacious – GE Appliances Garage Ready 21.7 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer
  2. Best Overall Value – GE Appliances 10.7 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer with Manual Defrost
  3. Best Longevity – GE Appliances Garage Ready Chest Freezer
  4. Best Stand-Up Deep Freezer – GE Appliances Garage Ready Frost Free Upright Freezer
  5. Most Affordable – GE Appliances 5 Cu. Ft. Garage Ready Chest Freezer

Most spacious.

deep freezer sitting on black hexagon tile floor

Go big or go home! This stunner can pack on some pounds but you better have space (and the budget) for it. With this freezer, you’ll have 21.7 cubic feet of space to store all the food your heart and bellies desire.

ge garage ready 21.7 cu ft deep freezer

Plus, you can assure you’ll have the ultimate organization and presentation each time you open the freezer door with its included 2-level basket system and game-changing LED interior lighting. You’ll never forget about food again!

Best overall value.

white chest freezer sitting in garage with lid open

Ranking as the second-best deep freezer, this one offers the best price among the top-ranking chest freezers. You’ll surely get the best bang for your buck!

Plus, it still has luxury features like the one above for almost twice the cost with its 3 lift-out sliding bulk storage baskets, 10.6 cubic feet of space, and interior lighting to see any time of day.

Hip Tip from Stacy: Once you have the extra freezer space, you’re going to want to start buying those big family packs of meat that cost less per pound so you either need to be watching for great Amazon deals on Ziplock freezer bags or grab a FoodSaver. Then, make sure to date what you put in your freezer.

Best longevity

upright freezer with door open

GE does it again! And not only did they take the top 3 ranks on Consumer Reports in best overall freezers, but they’re also all deep freezers! So if you’re in the market for a great one, you’ll know just where to look since they offer an option for every budget and space in mind.

Easily store a year’s worth of meat in this 15.7 cubic feet deep freezer. Like all the other models, this one still boasts all the same bells and whistles to give you the top-of-the-line experience such as bright LED lighting, 4 sliding bulk storage baskets, and an exterior lock to keep all your goods safe and secure.

Best stand-up deep freezer.

freezer sitting in garage with door open stocked full of food

Ranking in at #4, this stand-up freezer is the first to make it to the list and is also the only self defrost to make the top 5 best overall freezers. Its performance is just that of a chest freezer, although it could have performed better in the noise and power outage department. Of course, if it’s going in the garage, the noise may not be an issue anyways.

Most affordable.

small white deep freezer sitting on floor with lid open

It probably comes as no surprise, but GE swept the 5th best overall freezer spot making them the absolute best in the industry no matter which style of deep freezer you’re shopping for! Best of all, this 5th highest-rated choice is the most compact and the most affordable of them all at just under 300 bucks!

With 5 cubic feet of interior space, this compact deep freezer can even easily fit inside your basement (without too much trouble getting it down the stairs) for some added extra storage. Plus, it has sleek recessed handles to make it fit seamlessly in any nook you have in mind. If you’re just looking for the perfect compact, reliable, and quiet deep freezer that’s also budget-friendly, this one will check off all the boxes.

So what’s the Hip2Save team verdict on our Deep Freezers Debate?

open deep freezer with food inside

One of my Hip sidekicks love her deep freezer!

“We had a small chest from Costco and just needed a bigger option and recently upgraded to a highly-rated GE deep freezer. I wanted a stand-up, but my husband is a research guru and read that the doors don’t get as cold as a chest. 💁‍♀️

We were also already using the space above our old deep freezer to hang ladders so it just made sense to get a chest freezer again. Plus, it was a little less expensive. I’m for either, though! Such a great way to stock up on meat and frozen items.

If you’re ditching an old freezer too, we sold our smaller one on Facebook in about two seconds while they were so popular at the time!” – Lina

These Hip team members love their stand-up freezers!

“I have always had and loved chest freezers. I’m not short so reaching to the bottom is not a problem and when I started getting hot flashes it was great to lean into it (totally serious!). I was so sad when we moved from Oregon to Oklahoma and couldn’t bring it and when we went to buy a new one, it was hard finding any due to the pandemic.

I stalked websites daily and finally found another one, except it was a stand-up freezer. I figured it was better than nothing so I gave it a shot. We’ve had it for a while now and I have to say I absolutely love it!

To top it off, I think it’s even better than the deep freezer I loved for so long! It’s so much easier to organize and see everything. I crossed over to the dark side or should I say the ‘upright’ side.” – Jennifer

“We have an upright freezer, and I love having it! We originally bought it when we were getting a quarter cow, but that’s all gone now, and we still love having it for all of the extra meat, food items, and bags of ice. I prefer the upright so you can actually see what is in your freezer without having to dig.” – Angie

chest freezer

Which model do you prefer to freeze your food in?

A couple of Hip2Save team members love their stand-up freezers with their easy organization. But Lina’s vote and the Consumer Reports analysis for a chest freezer proved that stashing bulk food in a deep freezer overall can be more affordable and better at keeping foods cold.

Which do you prefer?!

Looking for deals on groceries to fill your freezer? We’ve got you covered!

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