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Shop Amazon if you’re in the market for a new hose…

For a limited time, head on over to Amazon where they are offering Aqua Joe 25-Foot Ultra-Flexible Kink Free Garden Hose for just $9.97 (regularly $16)!

Lightweight, durable, and rip-resistant, you can say goodbye to tangled, kinked, and heavy hoses with this flexible kink-free garden hose. This hose can handle the toughest treatment while maintaining its flexibility and dries quicking so you have to handle or heavy, slippery hose.

3 different sized aquajoe hoses on lawn

On the fence? Check out these 5-star reviews…

I’m using this hose to connect my far away townhome spigot to a moveable spigot closer to my garden. I needed something lightweight to maneuver the hose through various areas and flexible to handle at least two 90-degree turns. The hose fit my needs with no problems.

I love the shrinking hoses! BUT THEY BURST SO EASY! This one doesn’t shrink into a little bucket but, it is so lightweight it doesn’t matter! I can leave the water pressure on it without worrying that it will burst! I have 200 ft and don’t like hauling the weight of traditional hoses that far. Great product! Great price!

I have 3 acres and only 1 spigot. So I drag the hoses from one end of my property and back to water trees and plants. These hoses have made it so much easier! Lightweight and doesn’t get kinked up like regular hoses either!

Anyone can do these DIY projects!

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