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Eufy Automatic Dog Paw Cleaner and box on table

If you’re a dog parent, then you know the dread of your pet coming into the house with muddy or messy paws. Instead of struggling with a towel and potentially creating even more mess, now you can wash a paw in just 20 seconds! The powerful motor in this Automatic Dog Paw Cleaner provides squeaky cleans for large and medium-sized dogs.

Containing 85 soft silicone bristles, this cleaner will safely scrub each speck of dirt off your pup’s muddy paws. With one click, simply turn on the portable electronic paw washer, put your dog’s paw inside, and watch the bristles give a thorough clean. And with a long-lasting battery, you can wash for 15 days straight on ONE charge!

person about to put dog's paw in paw cleaner

This paw washer is really easy to use. You add water, turn it on, and then dip your dog’s paw in it. My dog was a bit nervous at first for me to use it on her, but once she became used to it she was fine. The rubber mat did not hurt her and her paws came out clean. This will come in handy for our trips to the lake. No more mud throughout the house.– Hip Sidekick, Melissa

dog laying on couch in front of Eufy smar camera

Use this camera to keep an eye on your dog at all times. Featuring a 170° wide-angle lens, 1080p clarity, pet detection, and night vision, you’ll be able to clearly see all their cuteness on the Eufy Pet app.

There is also a 3-distance and 270° rotatable treat tossing feature with an anti-clog design so the treats never get stuck. If your dog starts barking, you’ll get an instant notification and 2-way audio so you can talk to your pet and get them to settle down.

Another cool feature of this camera is its 16GB of local storage which means that your recordings are always accessible without another monthly subscription fee. So you can feel free to share funny videos of your dog with friends and family.

hands holding up smart phone with video of their dog laying down

I use the Eufy Dog Camera while away from home to check on my dog. Previously, I replied upon an indoor security camera, but that really did not help my dog when I noticed she was stressed. Now, the ability to give her a treat and interact by voice eases any anxiety. Very helpful on days when I can’t get home at the typical time. I’m sure she thinks I’m nearby, so the separation anxiety is relieved and she’ll go back to sleep.

To train her, I used the cam and treat dispenser every day while at home and in the same room. I alternated phrases and shooting threats, saying things like “Hey ___, good girl. Lie down ___, lie down. Good girl.” Then I recorded the same phrases for variety. I can play those recorded commands if I’m somewhere I can’t speak out loud, like in a restaurant or office setting. Otherwise, I can use the speaker as I watch her. There is typically only about a 1-2 second lag on the other end. Also, I thought the video clips of my dog that are automatically created were a gimmick. But they are actually very entertaining and you can share them with family or friends. Having these clips over several years will be a great memory, especial if your dog is a puppy.

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